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Hello, my name is Martina and I'm trying to learn how to see the true beauty in things. Sometimes, I'd swear it gets harder with time. On this blog, I'm trying to remain absolutely honest, and yet believe it is okay to truly be my own self. Strange how hard it might be, isn't it?

someone come sleep at my place i hate being home alone at night

i’m in need of a great corny romance right now, full of little kisses, huge flowers of all colours and scents, lots of red wine and travelling. i want to be kissed under mistletoes, and stars, and waterfalls and all the cliché places, and i want to be lighter than a snowflake in the winds. i want the winds to take me to great adventures, i want to see jungles, and i want to see grey endless seas and cruel mountains with snow peaks kissing the clouds, so that you’re not sure where one ends and the other begins. i want to love someone in the same way - not being sure where one ends and the other begins, not caring either. i want to be free, and see things and love with every single cell i’m built from. and i want to be loved in return, greatly and truly for once. i want to be young, and live while there’s still time to be.

i’ve been lonely for so long, and over the time i have learnt to love myself, but still, sometimes, being drunk by the night, i still feel something’s missing, you know. there’s more to life than this.

god i feel so useless

me:*sees dog*
me:*forgets what im talking about and points out dog*

tell me little things about yourselves ——-