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Hello, my name is Martina and I'm trying to learn how to see the true beauty in things. Sometimes, I'd swear it gets harder with time. On this blog, I'm trying to remain absolutely honest, and yet believe it is okay to truly be my own self. Strange how hard it might be, isn't it?

i do relate to this a lot. i’ve been taking psychology lessons in school lately, and i got quite inspired by the psychological theories about how our mind is working, and to which extend we affect it. made me feel very powerful, you know. as if i could become whatever i wanted to be, as if i could improve in all the aspects, and grow into beautiful things of all shapes. and although i think it’s natural and necessary to worry sometimes, it’s been a lot easier for me to handle stress and worries since i’ve been believing in myself and all the good things coming my way. i’m trying to push the boundaries now, experience it all, have it all. accept the things i can’t change. i think your awareness of other people having effect on you as a person works as some kind of a protection for you - realising that all the impressions are coming through you, that you work as some kind of a filter makes it easier for you to choose what you really relate to and believe in rather than letting it all sink in .

now i don’t want to give you advise since i’m no profession nor do i want to force my opinions on you, all i’m saying is that both of us are feeling a lot happier about life now and that inspirations and enlightenments occur  in our lives, and they improve things even further. you can do anything. and that almost feels wonderful, doesn’t it? 

hey so i thought that after more than a year i might go back to ”serious blogging” of sorts and start posting my own works and writings again // possibly move to blogspot again after few weeks 

so i might as well catch up with my lovely followers (who kept following me despite my prolonged neglect of this little virtual space of mine, round of appreciation for that!) and ask you about how your lives have been lately? what is fascinating you at the moment, what thoughts have you been playing with? feel free to drop any words, i’ll be happy to communicate on here again! xx


what are good tv shows/series to watch?


i almost feel as if i’ve known you, as if you have always been present in my life in some form, as if i could feel what you feel while reading this message. my mind will be occupied with the thought of you for some time now, connecting us again. you are a gem among souls, thank you so much for sending this.

I’m so unhappy about math and how much stress is put on it in this educational system it literally makes me sick

someone come sleep at my place i hate being home alone at night